Why “Volunteer For CHT” for Indigenous

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1.What is the Meaning of Volunteer For CHT?  Volunteer For Chittagong Hill Tracks.

2.Why you are ? We are for Changing Education & to  educate people of Indigenous.

3. Who is the Founder of these Organization? Volunteer For CHT founded by 5 members Mr. Avenue Sangma(President), Engr. Tithi Chakma(General Secretary), Mr. Ripan Chakma(Finance Secretary), Mr. Kingsuk Dewan(Scholarship Manager), Mr. Suman Chakma(Advisor). 

4. How did you start Volunteer For CHT? 5 November 2011, Mr. Avenue Sangma & with his beloved Friends started their Journey in a small Room  at Dighinala, Khagrachari with a dream, to build CHT Indigenous people educationally & For Changing their lifestyle & Living Hood too. Mr. Avenue Sangma & Ripan Chakma started their work by providing a scholarship to Nantu Moni chakma for his outstanding result in primary School Certificate.

5. What is the main objective of Voluteer For CHT? Volunteer For CHT main objective is to change the educational environment at CHT & their poverty too for Indigenous. And Make them 100% Educated at CHT in Three District.

6. How did you get support? In the First time of discussing about our aim & vision people are becoming Interested to develop CHT Indigenous in Different areas at CHT, They Inspires us always “The People of Indigenous”.

7. What is the Vision of Volunteer For CHT? To make Chittagong Hill Tracts Indigenous as 100% educated in Bangladesh. To make a great aware for taking education at Chittagong Hill Tracts, and have a good environment area in Bangladesh. And Help them to change their poverty & their lifestyle.

8. What is the Mision of Volunteer For CHT? In order to create a full fill free from illiteracy area as Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. “Education is a Mother to change his/her life in a curtain time.

9. How Volunteer For CHT Define Illiteracy? In Bangladesh, People cannot open their mind, new ideas & thoughts only for lack of Education, And they are still in poverty line. Because they don’t know how to create a way to earn something for their live-hood.  Volunteer For CHT work for them those can’t change their life & those are not able to provide their Children to the school only for money, We understand & working for changing their thoughts, mind of Indigenous people at CHT.

10.  Who pays for Volunteer? We are Dedicated Volunteer For CHT, all volunteer expected to pay for their own expenses.

11. What is the Major Goals & Objectives?  The major objectives of “Volunteer For CHT” is to develop Chittagong Hill Tracts educational system in Bangladesh. Mainly “Volunteer For CHT” will work for needy and intelligent student at Chittagong Hill Tracts. Those parents are unable to provide study expense for their Children our “Volunteer For CHT” will provide them for their tuition fees. Will provide Scholarship for Chittagong Hill Tracts Brilliant & Intelligent students. And we will make sure primary education at Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. And we know that, Bangladesh is a very forest poor Country, We will arrange every year for free tree plantation in suitable areas at Chittagong Hill Tracts.

i) Make 10,000 “Volunteer For CHT” member, those members will work for CHT Education and for a healthy Environment.

ii) To provide full free Scholarship at least for 10 needy Intelligent Students from coming 2014.

iii) Arrange campaign every year for a healthy environment at CHT From 2013.

iv) And in 2016 “Volunteer For CHT” will work for a school & College at Chittagong Hill Tracts, we expect work will finished in October 2020. From January 2021 we will Run this school & College fully. By this school & College in every year from every classes at least 10 needy Intelligent students will get full free scholarship, and also” Volunteer For CHT” will arrange “Free Computer Training” for them.

“Volunteer For CHT” will provide

“Free Spoken English Course”

To build our Mission & Vision young Generation need to conscious about our Chittagong Hill Tracts Educational & Healthy Environment For Indigenous.

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